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Rainy Weekend in Ocean City, MD

When I was younger, i always remember my mom telling me to let nothing stop me from enjoying the moment. Thats all I could think about during this little get away! Don't let the rain stop you from having a great time.

This April was full of cold rainy days... this of coarse was not Randy's plan when he booked a weekend getaway for us and our pup. The day we left, we were not just greeted with rain, but with SNOW! We were a little nervous about how the weekend would go but it's always a good time when we're together!

We had recently discovered that La Quinta is a pet friendly hotel so we are all about it! (also King Pípe Pancho loooved that sofa chair! His throne for the weekend)

You know that as soon as we got there, cameras come out to play! I always have a camera in Randy's face lol so he snatched it and flipped it on me XD

What are you suppose to do at the beach in 40ish degree weather you may ask? Take your dog on a walk, on the beach! DUH!

Because beach views on cold, overcast days can be so soft and romantic <3

I would have to say these are our little monster's favorite kind of walks

....then when you least expect it, crazy doggo comes out!

...and this is exactly why i have to tie him on a long outdoor leash....BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY!

Like mother like son right? :)

We roamed around and found these lovely stairs, that Randy quickly turned into a photoshoot location for the little monster and I <3


Thank you for this wonderful getaway my sweet love!

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