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"Witchy Glam"

When I asked Vicky to deliver something "witchy glam", I didn't realize she would be serving it on a golden platter!

Vicky and I decided to head out to a Soldiers Delight, a local trail, and have a glamour shoot after receiving a light touch of soft snow. It's something I've always wanted to go out and do, and since snow was a bit of a stranger this past year, we jumped at the opportunity!

This look ended up looking so fabulous. I'm not sure how she managed to look so not bothered by the cold... just saying. (i was bundled up like a jerk)


I had honestly completely forgotten about the tall grass at this place! The mix of colors ended up being right up my alley <3

don't worry! I didn't have her freeze the entire time!

Ready for a little pop of color?

Colored lighting has turned into my favorite new thing to experiment with.

This makeup look even looked stunning black and white! That dark lip SLAYYYYS

Model / Makeup:: Vicky Shevchuk

Photography:: Carolina Francisca

Find us on instagram:: @vic_alex_mua + @carolinafranciscafoto

Thank you <3

#witchyglam #fashion #portraits #black #gothic

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