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thank you. for taking the time. for viewing my site. for supporting my art.

the hardest part of taking a self portrait is having to look at yourself afterwards.

i know it sounds ridiculous.

and trust me. it even sound silly to me as i type this out.

but as i start this blogging journey, i feel the need to put all my nerves aside and do this how i've always intended of doing it. if you know me i’m either very anti getting photographed or am ALWAYS making silly faces.

so here i am. forcing myself to take this photoshoot by myself seriously so i can formally say,

hello, nice to meet you & thank you for stopping by..

hahaha i'm so extra.

i had just recently had one of my girlfriends over for a DIRTY 30 birthday shoot and still had the setup up :) i'll make sure to make those photos my next post!

it's scary to see yourself differently. it was super awkward at first and it took me a while to relax. even in a room by myself with no company other than my camera.

it ended up being such a fun experience! don’t be surprised if you end up seeing a lot more of these around ;) ​

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