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Working in Baltimore & surrounding areas

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I am a Chilean native living in Maryland. I have a strong love for the visual arts and music. 


For the 8 years that I spent living in Texas, music was my main focus and passion. My ultimate goal was to be a classically trained flutist. 

That quickly changed when i moved to Maryland in 2005. Funny enough, i discovered a program called photoshop, which would in part change my entire course of life. 


I was hooked! It all began with editing flip phone photos to at some point, wanting more out of photos. Thats when i went ahead and purchased my first DSLR and things were never the same.  


I took on photography as a profession back in 2009. Since then, I have began a once in a lifetime journey. I have been fortunate to be able to share this new found passion with others. The study of light. It has changed my outlook on life, while capturing meaningful memories along the way.

Thankful for those who have trusted my vision and passion to deliver creative imagery. You mean so much!


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